qtile-extras documentation

qtile-extras is a collection of mods made by elParaguayo for Qtile.

These are mods that I’ve made but which, for various reasons, may not end up in the main Qtile codebase.

They’re designed for me but I’ve shared them in case they’re of interest to anyone else.

Currently, this repo houses some widgets that I made as well as my “popup toolkit” which can be used to extend widgets or make standalone menus/launchers.

The new widgets are:

There’s a mixin if you want to add tooltips to widgets.

I’ve also added some “eye candy” in the form of:

Lastly, I’ve created a new ImgMask class which, rather than drawing the source image, uses the source as a mask for the drawing. This can be used to change the colour of icons without needing to recrate the icons themselves. You can see the class here.


These items are made primarily for my use and are not officially supported by Qtile. You are most welcome to install it and I hope that you find some parts of is useful. However, please note, I cannot guarantee that I will continue to maintain certain aspects of this repo if I am no longer using them so, be warned, things may break!


This repo is designed to be installed alongside the git version of Qtile. It is highly recommended that you run the latest version to ensure compatibility.

I will not maintain a version of this repo that is linked to tagged releases of Qtile.

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